Sabine Vermeulen

Born in Belgium, Gent 1962


Studies Fine Arts: SSKI - Rode Lijvekens - Gent

RNS - K. L. Ledeganckstraat - Gent

Art Teacher 1989 - 2011



Sabine paints with oil on canvas.  Working with transparent layers,  she likes to use not only brushes but also other tools such as paper dots of various sizes.  Hence the importance of coincidental developments in form and colour, which give a liveliness to the painting.  Finding a way to picture the light falling on a person or object is always the challenge.  


She is a pupil of Octave Landuyt, who has greatly influenced the technical side of her work. 


Each painting tells a story, but it is the viewer who has to re-create it in the mind.  To accomplish this effect the artist isolates details out of pictures from old books, newspapers or magazines.  By painting a part of the picture of a person in a certain situation, she not only creates a mystery but also allows room for interpretation.  She likes to believe that it is the images that find her and not the opposite.  That is the main reason why she does not make the scenes entirely herself because in that case the story would come before the image.  

Sabine Vermeulen Art

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